Hey, welcome to my first blog post… I made the website and put it on my server and the only thing that is left to add is the content. That’s the hard part.

So my name is Jeremy and I have multiple interests. I studied electronic repair at 24 Juin in Sherbrooke, I tried college, the first time I got kicked out because I didn’t know what I wanted and the second time I had to leave because of health. since I was around 15, I taught myself Electronics and IT and I had always wished to go to a conference like DEFCON and last year I finally made it there. I will probably make another post about that not to saturate this one.

I currently live in Montreal, QC. I moved here in 2017 and since then I have had an absolute blast here. I’ve made friends in all sectors and what I like about big cities like these is the fact that I can open the door and there is always something to do. Or I can always sit in my basement on my thinkpad making a website for 2 days.