I built an animatronic for use in an old shooting gallery.

When I was studying in at 24 Juin in Sherbrooke, a classmate asked me to help him build an animatronic like the ones in old timey shooting gallery and naturally I said yes. Over the course of the next few weeks we built what looked like a ducktape monster. Me in an oversized Tshirt with our monster

Me in an oversized Tshirt with our monster and Jacob to the left

The prototype's brains

This was our prototype, it was a fine mess of wires but it kinda worked

We blew two arduino megas in the process, turns out they dont like powering stalled servos…

The final prototype all dressed up looked like this: The finished prototype

Final Prototype

Here is a video where you can watch it move.

We were happy that it was working but it was still a sad sight.

TODO: Add second part